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✕ Silk Scarf & Light-Weight Blazer Pairing

Silk Scarf and Light Weight Blazer Pairing OOTD

JewelMint Mosaic Ring on Silk Scarf

Topshop Bracelet

Zara Collection Platform Heels

Hi everyone! This is my very first entry and this is a quick business-casual outfit that’s being put together by the silk scarf. Almost all the items were bought at half price so I’d say this is a very wallet-friendly outfit!

One tip that I abide to when I am putting pieces together from my wardrobe is the 3-layer rule. Basically I like to cut myself into 3 sections (haha): Top, Bottom, and Feet and keep them in the order of Dark – Light – Dark so that colors don’t clash together. This also helps with the balance of the whole outfit.


{From Head to Toe}

Tank: Banana Republic Embellished Tank (Retailed $49.50; Purchased $24.50)

Blazer: Forever 21 Light Weight Blazer (Purchased $21.00)

Silk Scarf: H&M (Purchased $9.95) See similar {NEW}

Ring on Silk Scarf: JewelMint Mosaic Ring (Retailed $29.99; Purchased $15.00)

Jeggings: BDG from Urban Outfitters (Retailed $49.50; Purchased $19.99)

Shoes: Zara Collection (Retailed $99.99; Purchased $19.99) See similar

Bracelet: Topshop (Purchased $6.99)

And lastly, I just want to give my special thanks to Jessica, who has always been such a fashionista since high school. Her initiative in writing a fashion blog really made me believe that “not having enough time” was just an excuse. Here is the link to her blog; she finds super awesome deals and needless to say, she is gorgeous and always looks great in her outfits!

If you are truly passionate about something, there will always be time for it!

P.S. More thanks to my friends Jordan and Bianca for making this first post happen!

Have a great weekend, everyone! =)

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6 thoughts on “✕ Silk Scarf & Light-Weight Blazer Pairing

  1. absolutely love the outfit 🙂

    Posted by Annie S. | March 8, 2012, 9:56 PM
  2. Awesome 🙂 I love that you used a ring to hold together the scarf!

    Posted by Kazumi | March 8, 2012, 11:55 PM
  3. Stunning, elegant, stylish outfit! I love your 3-layer rule and the way you showed it through the picture. And thanks so much for the shout out 🙂 I can’t wait for more posts!

    Posted by Jessica Cai | March 10, 2012, 2:23 PM

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