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✕ Little Pearls

The weather has been so gorgeous lately that I literally wake up everyday with a big smile on my face! I still can’t believe that we are hitting 80s in the middle of March.

Quite frankly, there are days I try to get just a few more minutes of sleep and then I step outside of my house with an outfit that I am not comfortable with. Regardless how beautiful the weather is, I get impatient and just want the day to finish (I sound almost ridiculous haha). One simple way to avoid this is to put an outfit together the night before. But what if you are busy cranking out those midterm papers the night before? Another solution is to put on that loose white button down that’s always just sitting in your closet and a pair of skinny jeans: this will at least guarantee you a semi-casual look. Still want to look more polished? Just add one of your favorite statement necklaces!

I am finishing up the look with a great bargain I found last spring at a local J Crew Store. The pearls on the necklace, unlike the traditional Mom-looking-pearls, are tiny enough that they don’t outshine the whole look. They also carry a pinkish undertone that gives the necklace more of a young image.

I also decided to put a gold lizard belt against my green pastel skinny jeans to refine the whole look (I love collecting belts because well-constructed belts last for seasons!).

More pearls on my earrings!

And just a quick disclaimer: I typically don’t wear heels because I am a girl of 5’6″. I am afraid of catching too much attention so I refrain my use of heels (I’d look like a giant!). On days where I do decide to wear heels, I prefer low heels with an added platform because they are much easier to walk in.


{From Head to Toe}

Loose White Blouse: H&M

Green Pastel Skinny Jeans: Free People ($30!); See Similar

“Bright Lizard Belt:” Banana Republic; Link

Ring: ASOS

Shoes: Bandolino; See Similar (They look exactly the same! Gasp!)

Pearl Necklace: J Crew

Sunglasses: Nicole Miller


Have a great week everyone! And thanks to Bianca again for taking these photos =)



About anapplebee

Hi everyone! This is Angela, raised in Taiwan and NYC. This blog is just for me to share my humble thoughts on photography and fashion (': Leave me a message!


6 thoughts on “✕ Little Pearls

  1. lovely

    Posted by SunnySideJ | March 25, 2012, 7:27 PM
  2. Thanks for the reference (: you know it’s always a pleasure of mine to take photos!!

    Posted by Bianca | March 25, 2012, 9:09 PM
  3. Effortlessly gorgeous 🙂 I appreciate how you kept the ring round too! Master of details haha

    Posted by stylizedluxe | March 28, 2012, 12:29 AM

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