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✕ Weekend Softness

It’s been a week since I last updated. I hope this doesn’t happen again anytime soon! Hahah. Anyways, over the weekend, the boyfriend helped me out with documenting outfit for the very first time (thank you =D!). Some of the photos were overexposed as a result of our speedy attempt in shooting on manual mode in chilly, cloudy weather, so please excuse the lack of contrast in some of these photos!

I adore simple white tops with textures and added embellishments!

Weekends are the best days to wear cozy, voluminous sweaters! I tend to get really lazy on the weekends so I would always unconsciously pick out loose-fitting clothes. One great way to style loose, soft pieces is to match them with tight-fitting items so that you could still show your silhouette (No girls want to look like they have put on a few pounds right?). Here I have a loose fitting top and I am matching it with my favorite pair of jegging.

And just to complete the outfit, I am wearing a long necklace that I purchased from Argentina while studying abroad. I find long necklaces harder to pull off because I typically associate them with office ladies. But this specific long necklace is simple, elegant, and a bit edgy, it was hard for me not to acquire it as my first long necklace!


{From Head to Toe}

White Blouse: Calvin Klein

Uneven Cozy Sweater: Uniqlo

Jegging: H&M (For $7 when it was on sale 2 years ago!)

Low Heels: Spring

Bag: Michael Kors (Gift)

Necklace: Purchased from Argentina


Have a wonderful week everyone! =)


About anapplebee

Hi everyone! This is Angela, raised in Taiwan and NYC. This blog is just for me to share my humble thoughts on photography and fashion (': Leave me a message!


2 thoughts on “✕ Weekend Softness

  1. Cozy and sweet 🙂 The colors complement each other very well!

    xoxo Jess

    p.s. So cute that your bf helped you shoot. The pics look great too haha

    Posted by stylizedluxe | April 5, 2012, 3:43 PM

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