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✕ Recreating the Night of Eleven Madison Park

Back in February, I was fortunate and lucky enough to dine at Eleven Madison Park. Prior to entering the restaurant, I was oblivious as to what kind of establishment it is: I ended up wearing a blouse from Express under my Zara faux-fur sweater and H&M collection trench coat with a pair of black denim from the Heritage line of Forever 21. I chose to wear this outfit because of 1) I did not do research on the restaurant (If I did, I would have definitely worn a dress. I mean it earned a 3-star on the Michelin Guide!) and 2) I didn’t want to look out of place on the train. But my inappropriate dress code eventually turned out to be one of the best memories from that unimaginable culinary experience. Needless to say, the dinner that night was definitely a joyful journey for both my soul and tongue.It is the most indescribable dining adventure  I’ve ever had and I am almost certain that I won’t ever find such a personal establishment anywhere in the years to come.

If you would like to read more about the Eleven Madison Park and what kind of unimaginable culinary experience it was for me, please go to my friend Taylor’s blog: sixthbread, he has thoroughly elaborated on our dining experience that night through his incredibly vivid writing.

For the dinner, I wanted to wear something business casual without looking too flashy on the train. So I automatically opted out dresses. I decided to wear one of my many Express blouses as my inner layer because of its fine quality. Then I paired it with my Zara faux-fur sweater and my H&M Collection trench coat. The faux-fur sweater was great because it was still breezy back in February so it definitely helped me withstand the cold and it also looked like if I were wearing a furry scarf when I buttoned up, which helped me look a bit more formal. And just to complete the look, I am wearing a statement necklace from Esprit (they are constantly having great sales!).

Fine Quality of Express Tank Top

This trench coat is one of my most satisfying purchases from H&M. I don’t typically like to splurge on items from H&M because of their lack of fine quality and tailoring, but this one is different, and its so different that I got it right away without any doubts. Its shoulders are well constructed with paddings and all edges have blue lining. It also comes with another layer inside which is pleasing because I prefer trench coats that look sturdy rather than flimsy. Though it is an H&M item that cost about $70 in change (I might be wrong on this), I think it is worth every penny because no one would have ever thought I brought it home straight from H&M.

Weekend is approaching, I am super excited because it’s my birthday weekend! Have a great one everyone! Drinks on me ;’)!


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2 thoughts on “✕ Recreating the Night of Eleven Madison Park

  1. thumbs up for the line “drink on me”

    Posted by Annie S. | April 11, 2012, 9:26 PM

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