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✕ Color Jeans for Summer (I)

Happy summer time! It’s been such a long time since I last posted. I have just gotten back from Taiwan (well, for about a week by now) and have been simply enjoying life before I start working. I hope everyone has been great and handeling the summer heat well!

This set of photos was definitely not taken specifically for a blog post. My sister took these photos when we were on a mini trip with family friends in the suburbs of Taiwan and now I am using them because I have yet to start documenting other outfits 😛

This summer I am really digging colorful pants, I think they are gorgeous under the sun and look great in photography. I have already acquired 3 color jeans and am ready to get my summer started! Here I am wearing a chiffon top that I purchased from Taiwan (五分埔) for jaw-dropping $3 USD.If you get to travel to Taiwan, you must spend time at this local outdoor shopping area; I promise you will find phenomenal deals!

The pairing with another bag!

Top: Purchased in Taiwan

Jeans: Zara

Bags: the van (black), Michael Kors (earthy)

Necklace: ASOS

And lastly, just for laughs (as always):



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